Our good work cannot happen in a vacuum


There are countless organizations of all types leading the charge to create more positive financial outcomes for People of Color.

Major corporations, big banks, the start-up community and others are all changing the way they do business to do better as they work to propel financial literacy, investment, small business success and more equitable career opportunities.


But where is the World Economic Forum for advancing all things DEI? Where marginalized groups are the focus and not the afterthought? We all have the power to supercharge such an event - and this is it.

Pharrell Williams


In Fall of 2022, Pharrell Williams launches MIGHTY DREAM, a multi-day forum in Norfolk, Virginia where matters of business, opportunity and money intersect with people of color, set against a backdrop of community engagement and jaw-dropping entertainment.

It will become an annual event where corporate and NGO leaders who are prioritizing DE&I in their organizations will come to share their insights, set goals, make pledges, inform and inspire other leaders to be the best they can be. We are creating a safe space to discuss the good and the bad and how to improve.

The next generation knows this is how business will be done in the future. This is how they want it. Yes, it is business, but it is also culture. It can be engaging and entertaining. There are competitors sitting amongst each other, but all guards are down. We are here for something bigger than ourselves.

Ryan Shadrick-Wilson, CEO Boardwalk Collective


People increasingly expect the private sector to help and even lead how we address societal issues. 60% said they choose, leave, avoid or consider employers based on their values and beliefs. 69% say opportunities to address social problems is an expectation when considering jobs. 57% worry about racism on the job. 60% expect their CEO to speak out on societal issues.*

*2022 Edelman Trust Barometer - Special Report: Business & Racial Justice in America: Survey was fielded between April 19 and 26, 2021 with additional data collected between May 17 and 20, 2022.



Organizations are investing at unprecedented rates in DEI programs, with 75% now saying it is a value or priority for the company. Financial Institutions are making incredible strides in fostering support for small businesses and even start-ups owned by People of Color.



Norfolk, Virginia holds an important historic relevance to underscore the framework of MIGHTY DREAM, with limitless potential, abundant natural resources, a stable economy and significant socioeconomic and cultural diversity. And like many places in America, it faces challenges.

And it is the modern day spirit, vision and culture of the City of Norfolk that create an opportunity to host MIGHTY DREAM within the downtown streets. The NEON District - New Energy of Norfolk - and Norfolk's first official arts district, is home to long-time cultural institutions, studio-based ventures and more than 90 works of public art, all providing artists a place to make, create and show. NEON is the creative center of the waterfront city - harnessing the new energy of Norfolk by providing local and touring artists and musicians a place to burn bright.

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